A Job portal backed up by Artificial Intelligence

A Job portal backed up by Artificial Intelligence
  • EPIC's Careers Fetch is an AI infused job portal designed to provide a smart digital experience to both employers and employees looking for their suitable fit. Right from creating a company profile, posting the job info to filtering out the resume using various search filters and contacting the candidate with an interview request, Careers Fetch is a one stop job portal providing smart and functional solutions.
Target wider audience from a single place
  • Encompassing multiple features in our recruiting platform, it lets you post the job requirements across various portals or social media sites seamlessly from a single place thereby accelerating your process while reaching a wider audience. Various features are perfectly integrated with an approach to organize the recruitment process digitally and simplify it!
Smart search and filters to find the right fit
  • The Career Portal has been designed to simplify the job postings and tracking applicants while the platform is equipped with various features to support it. Features like creating your questionnaire in the site can help you to analyze the candidates and get the suitable pick from a pile of unsuitable profiles against your job posting.
  • Careers Fetch database has been designed to further smoothen the process by using its smart filters to access and download the data of the candidates suitable for your requirement.
One Stop place for Job posting with anytime access
  • With access to internet connectivity you can have access to all your features at any time, the platform is flexible in its connectivity!
Cut down on the manual process of picking candidates and relax
  • Saving you the trouble of going through every application to find the suitable candidate, our smart filters help you to cut down on the list and track the suitable candidates from the pool. Designed to improve efficiency by providing smart functional solutions while saving time and energy!