Employee Timesheet Management System

Track and Analyze your Employees data to improve productivity!

Track and Analyze your Employees data to improve productivity!
  • With more than a decade of experience in the HR domain, we have used our expertise & experience to digitally revolutionize the utilization of the timesheets, through our Employee Timesheet Management System. Along with payrolls, the business owners and managers can use ETMS as a single holistic product to track and analyze the workforce productivity.
  • Tracking employees, efficiency and productivity is crucial to understand the overall progress of a project, with the number of employees increasing, tracking them need not be difficult. ETMS acts as a digital substitute to track and manage the status of the employees, and gather data to analyze and further use it to address any issues to increase the overall productivity
Save time & money by automating the payroll & invoices
  • The ETMS's timesheet app can save a lot of payroll processing time by automating the process of billing and generating invoices. Our dashboard can further save time and money by reducing the downtime required for the preparation of invoices.
Serving the needs beyond Payroll management
  • The ETMS system provides a great transparency and holistic view making it beneficial especially for the HR managers, as it can serve beyond just payroll management, the system has been designed to save their overall time and effort. Managers can easily raise invoice, track performances and also analyze any potential issues which might be draining a lot of time, all these can be done at a single click.
Track Employee's performance Globally, Onsite or Remote at One Go!
  • With the rapid globalization, tracking companies employees whether onsite or remote need not be a tedious task. With the ETMS Managers can track the status and performance of an employee with a single click. Managers can assign tasks, track the task's time and create a checklist all from a single place.
Generate Customized Reports With Ease
  • A standard sample report template does not work for every company, based on their needs & operations, the reports vary. With ETMS, Managers can build a customized report suited according to the company & access the relevant information quickly from the dashboard. With the relevant information at hand, it can be used to make better management decisions while saving time

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