Recruitment Software fused with Artificial Intelligence

Smart Recruit Payroll

Save loads of time and increase efficiency by having your payroll automatically connected to the rest of the HR ecosystem using the Smart Recruit and minimize the workload as well as increase productivity

Resume Management

Parse, Collect and Extract resumes from multiple sources and create your own database with access to powerful search functions and filters, thereby saving time by having your own pool of required data.

Applicant Tracking

Track the status of the applicant throughout stages, as well as gain access to data gather from multiple review stages, to get the overall view of the ongoing hiring process, as well as track the status of each individual applicant throughout the process with Smart Recruit

Careers Site Management

Aimed at reducing the clutter and improving efficiency, customize your own application forms, post jobs to your company's portal site, or an external site from a single place

Recruitment Automation

With the Smart Recruit recruitment automation, recruiter will be able to automate the recruiting tasks and workflows, thereby; accelerating the time-to-fill process, reduce the cost per hire and improve the overall talent profile of the organization

Search Within Candidate Profiles

With the power digital search tools get access to valuable information of the desired candidates by scanning through hundreds of Job profiles based on the filter relevant to your hiring process

Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Design your custom optimal recruitment process for each of your openings, by creating custom hiring stages using Smart Recruit from beginning to the end of the process