Recruitment Software fused with Artificial Intelligence

Explore the Features of EIPCS Smart Recruit

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Recruitment Software fused with Artificial Intelligence
  • A tiresome hiring process can be a deal breaking experience for a potential candidate seeking out job opportunities, not many organizations are equipped with the latest technology required to precisely streamline the recruitment process which increases the overall productivity and eases the hiring process to make it hassle free! And our product does just that!
  • Infused with Artificial Intelligence the EIPCS SMART RECRUIT is the one stop recruitment software needed for every kind of organization. Our product with its adaptable nature focuses on improving efficiency while bringing down the time and effort required in the hiring process. From creating an applicant to on-boarding the Smart Recruit assists you all along the way.
Managing CV’s made easier!
  • Using multiple resources to shortlist a CV can be a very time consuming and effort heavy process for hiring professionals, not only is it an energy buster but it delays the overall recruitment process affecting a lot of things.
  • CV management with its variety of sub-tools and search filters effectively streamlines the shortlist listing process of the resumes from multiple sources while letting the user create their own database of information regarding the potential talent.
Track & review data from multiple stages at
a single place
  • In general, recruiters follow different stages of recruitment as a part of their recruitment procedure. The application tracking system in SMART RECRUIT can enhance the applicant tracking by capturing the data from multiple review stages. Hence eases the finalizing of the right talent.
  • Effectively tracking the recruitment process would involve having updated knowledge about every stage of the hiring process. Our application tracking system in SMART RECRUIT effectively tracks down the recruitment process by capturing data at multiple review stages thereby easing the process of finalizing the right candidate.
Mananing jobs postings in multiple sources made easier
  • Our Career Site Management system can be used to manage jobs posting on various places like career pages, company websites while being able to customize the application forms with ease. Designed to improve productivity while cutting back on time.
Hassle feel interview process
  • To minimize any errors and create a memorable recruitment process, recruiters can multiple schedules in one go while being able to link the candidates profile automatically to further simplify the interview process.